Tuesday, 22 February 2011

---------------------- A Fire is Coming ----------------------

Drop your tools and run for your life!
The burning is coming, with its harshness and strife.

Prepare or be gone, old stories once told,
Look at your hand, consider the fold.

Trust not those around you, for the wise burn too,
Only a fool would ask, what I'm asking you.

To surrender yourself, to something wild and raging,
Like a book never-ending, turning and paging.

Dog-eared and bent, but gripping and pleasing,
Turning and touching, tauting and teasing.

Romantic trees, balm with touch and the heart,
When will it end, and when did it start?

Consider your options, but make the right choices,
Put down your defenses and silence the voices.

Whispers may stay, but beware and behave,
Echoing still, whilst deep in my grave.

Burning and blistered, I rolled on the ground
Tossing and turning I wait to be found.

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