Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I'Park Mall

I’Park Mall at Yongsan Station is a techno-wonderland! Whatever it is, be it cameras, televisions, phones, games, computers, accessories, gadgets, Yongsan has got it all and more. It’s my go-to place for all things electronic. Even if that’s not your interest, I’Park mall has so much to offer in terms of shopping, entertainment, and dinning.

As you exit the train platform you will find yourself inside I’Park Mall, a very large shopping centre that houses a huge number and variety of stores. Its “Digital Speciality” store is particularly impressive. The Digital Speciality store has 8 levels, each with a particular focus. The first floor is all about cameras; here you will have no problem finding the latest and greatest cameras from all the major brands. There are also floors for computers, cell phones, home appliances, furniture, video games, and other electronic related merchandise.   


Vendors eagerly great you as soon as you come in, seeing if they can entice you into doing business with them. There is not much in the way of bargaining here but you should price items before you make a purchase, as some stores are slightly cheaper than others. Some stalls will also give you a small discount if you pay in cash so go prepared. If you find yourself in need of assistance there is an information desk on the 3rd floor of the Digital Speciality store that will help you navigate the complex.

I’Park Mall also has a department store, in which you will find 6 levels of fashion stores with both well know and lesser brands. Between which there are restaurants, body shops and gift stores galore. On the same side of the mall you will also find E-Mart, this really is a one-stop shopping paradise.

Want to take a break and see a movie? The Korean cinema house CGV is located on the 6th and 7th floor. They show all the major American films but check if you want to watch a Korean film, as they don’t always have English subtitles. They also have a 4D Imax theatre if you’re up for it.

I’Park has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and snack vendors. You will easily be able to find both local flavours as well as a variety of western cuisines. Cafes as very popular in Korea and they are sometimes very full, so consider taking your order to go and sitting outside on bench in the Event Park. That is if there isn’t a special showing or performance happening. 

The Event Park is located in the centre of the mall and there is usually something to see there. I’ve seen fashion shows, small concerts, ice sculptures, children’s soccer tournaments, professional E-sports, holiday displays and a special items market. Last year they even set-up a snowboard ramp in the front of the mall and had professionals showcasing their skills.

Had enough of the mall? Take walk around the back tunnel and discover another techno market with even more digital delights. And if you want to hit the open street you will find an endless array of small shops with electronics, DVD’s, computers, accessories, cell phones, home hardware, and so much more. If your into games, be it PC or on console, this little trip will see you well reward. 
I’Park mall at Yongsan Station is place I regularly visit. It’s crammed with so much that I can’t help but come back for more. If you are in Seoul and looking for a day of shopping or to indulge yourself with a tech splurge or two, get off at Yongsan Station!  

If you need more information, help, or you would like to arrange a free tour of I'Park call their customer service number: 02-2012-0147.
-Christopher J. Wheeler

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