Tuesday, 22 February 2011

-------------- On the Corner of a Street I Know --------------

On the corner of a street I know,
A family of the forgotten glow.
Through rain and sun they know their place,
At the mercy of God’s good grace.
The face of the faceless, the lies of a life,
Only dreams to hold to, through dark days and strife.

On the corner of a street I know,
People pass and people go.
Seeing nothing ignoring all,
Blind to the faces that beg and call.
Windows up and windows misted,
Bare feet begging, dusty and blistered.

On the corner of a street I know,
Young men search and young men sow.
Their labours in vein, their efforts unending,
Their past decided and their dreams are pending.
They reap the rewards of a measure unfound,
To tar and sand their presents is bound.

On the corner of a street I know,
A place where comfort will never go.
Torn and ripped they ask from you,
Torn and ripped, what will you do?
In the beholder, something twisted reigns,
In the beholder, something pulses and pains.

Not without mercy, not without thought,
The lives of another cannot be bought.
By sold they are, the price for the priceless,
At the mercy of the deaf and judged by the sightless.
Wondering thoughts and stable setting,
Forces fighting, claiming and betting.

The dreams of a dreamer, lost to the lust,
Confined to a corner of stones and rust.
What of the future, I cannot even know,
For today, tomorrow is blurred as I go.
The hands of a face, that don’t know my name,
Still, if I introduced myself, it would still be the same.

Flesh and stone, find form in the same,
This is my history and this is my name.
Remember it not, nor spread its sound,
To these streets I feel, to it I am bound.
By hand and eye, I make what I may,
Casted high and beyond, to there I now pray.

Rumbling of an empty stone quarry,
Do not fear me, not feel sorry.
I am you and you are lost,
To what degree and what is the cost.
A hole in my body, making my seam,
A hole in my body fill only by dream.

Friends are few, and the day is dark,
Take you aim and make you mark.
Here I stand between sand and fire,
Filling your fears and your deepest desire.
Indulgence and greed, a balance is found,
I hear no answer, no smile and no sound.

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