Tuesday, 22 February 2011

---------------------- My Eyes and Me ----------------------

Elusive and tense, the condition defined,
A message delivered, dated and signed.
Where is it from and what does it say?
Along with the light, embedded in ray.
Touching the source, from a place of the same,
Smothered in riddle and corrupted by fame.

Oh what a world with its beings and things,
Matted in matter that rages and sings.
Stripped to the bear and sprinkled with salt,
Dismissed by the masses, abandoned by cult.
Aloof and affect, by moments and cream,
Despondent and reckless, condemned to the dream.

By faith or by view, the stars shine as bright,
Put down your defenses and retreat to the night.
Behold and bear witness, to that which we know,
See how they shine and see how they glow.
Take comfort in knowing, that you too are now lost,
But to what degree and what is the cost?

Chaos reigns free and certainty sacked,
Running on edges, all twisted and cracked.
A force outside three and rarely embraced,
Found on one lonely day, chained and encased.
Oh what a world with its colours and shades,
And what of the day it smudges and fades.

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