Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Korean Weekend Box Office (2011.02.11~2011.02.13)

Detective K isn’t going anywhere; Kim Seok-yoon’s period comedy has even broken into the international box office top ten in its second week. An impressive accomplishment indeed seeing as it is only showing in Korea at the moment. The film will begin its international showing in March in the US. Detective K has almost double the earnings of its closest rival Tangled. Keep an eye on this one as it continues to draw in the masses.

The big winner this week was Tangled.. It crept in at number ten last week (with just over 11,000 admissions) but it has bounded to number two with around 323,000 admissions thus far. The film is currently number one worldwide and its international success had been well reflected in Korea. Sanctum is at number three, a big 3D film that was released in Australia earlier this month. Battlefield Heroes loses some footing in the charts this week as it drops to number four.

Just behind Battlefield Heroes is GLove. It has been unable to climb any further up the charts due to the popularity of some of the bigger films throwing their weight around. The American romantic comedy No Strings Attached makes an appearance at number six. That one’s got Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Kline in it and is sure to contain some chuckles. It probably won’t have the staying power to hold its position next week but we’ll see how well it fares. Jack in back in Gulliver’s Travels at number seven, but for how much longer? It has fallen from number two and found itself muscled out of the limelight. 

There are two new Korean entries this week, being Children... and Late Blossom. Children... tells the true tale of five children that went missing in 1991, their bodies were then discovered in 2001, the case is still unsolved. Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting) brings us his latest offering with 127 Hours, a story about a mountain climber that gets stuck under a boulder and has to resort to desperate measures to survive. Choo Chang-min’s third film Late Blossom is at number ten, this tale of love shows that lasting love is the best kind!

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